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May all praise and thank unto Allah SWT that could make everything happens in this world and here after, never forget to salute and salam to great prophet Muhammad SAW that light and bring differences in our darkness period years before his coming. I am very grateful, firstly to our faboulus and cheerful Dean always and all the lecturers certainly for supporting and praying to make this program ( English Super Camp '09 ) running well. I couldn't find exactly word to express my whole felling coming out into sentences but I know one thing I could tell you, this is my best moment in my life that I have ever had. It was a great time, great opportunity to share each other; knowledge, experience, opinion, idea and much more I couldn't account. Thank you for everything that English Super Camp '09 Committee stuffs did; your dedication, spirit, sacrifice and definetely much more, we have been a fantastic team. I really love to work with awesome partner, you got this happen easily and very good without nothing serious spectacles, well done guys. For new comer students ( freshmans )  that join the program patiently and sincerely you became the nicest attenders and did your job very well to make it, my thankful. The ESC worked for second year this year, in fact, this program has many thin

gs to be repaired, planned and prepared well to get it better and better for the following years. Last but not least and I have motto in my life " what you made out of the school not what the school made out of you ". All the best and luck for our english department and us ever. That is all, thank you very much.